Cripps Barn

Cripps Barn is one of the Ardeton String Quartet's favourite venues - in fact we're one of their recommended suppliers!

cripps barn string quartet wedding musicFor wedding ceremonies, there are a number of options for where the quartet can be seated - and it doesn't matter which end of the barn the ceremony will be taking place. We can either be seated beside the table, or at the back (in which case you just need to allow us space to play where the last row of four chairs would have been. These positions allow us the best sight-lines to be able to see when the Bride is about to enter, or when she is about to reach the registrars. If you are having a near-capacity wedding there, we can also sit by the steps that lead out to the terrace (by the small side room), or by the curtains which lead into the meal room.

Most drinks receptions then take place out on the terrace where the quartet can be heard all over the site, or in the case of inclement weather we normally take a 5 minute break whilst the ceremony chairs are moved to the dining room before continuing our set in the barn.

Cripps Barn is a venue that suits the wedding jukebox option really well during the meal. The low ceiling and intimacy of the lovely dining room mean that we are often approached by guests anyway. We would normally set-up on the right-hand side as you go in, in the small seating area by the bar. If you are having a smaller wedding, it may be worth leaving some space in one of the other corners for us to be more of a feature so that as many of the guests as possible can see us.

cripps barn wedding music