Maybe you've already chosen your perfect entrance and exit music, maybe you don't have any ideas yet? Whatever your knowledge of weddings and music, choosing the music for your wedding ceremony can be exciting and daunting. A classical and traditional piece can bring a sense of grandeur to a formal wedding venue, or you can choose a song special to yourself and your partner. It's entirely up to you, with only a few rules to consider (no religious music in a civil ceremony, and it's always best to check pop song choices with a vicar or priest).

In the last 12 years we've seen every conceivable kind of wedding, and have played varied music selections for over 800 weddings. We know it can be tricky to get exactly the right effect, which is why we offer every couple a free music consultation, either by phone or in person, where we can talk through any choices you have, and to make sure you hear exactly the part of each piece you want to hear. We are also happy to take requests with enough notice.

Below are a few notes of each part of the wedding service, which you may find helpful. There are also Spotify playlists so that you can hear each piece - for copyright reasons they are of other groups, but we have tried to use versions which closely match our own. If you'd like to hear us on Spotify, some of our own songs are at the bottom of the page! If you're not on Spotify, it's a free service which you can sign up for here.

Before the Ceremony

  • Mozart - Eine Kleine Nacht Music
  • Mozart - Divertimentos in F, Bb and D
  • Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No.3
  • Bach - Air on a G string

Experience tells us it is often the Bride who chooses this music - but it will be the Groom who hears it! This is the chance for the groom to pick one or two of his favourite pieces to put him at ease. That said, it is also the first impressions your guests will get of your important day. Classical music will create a sense of ocassion. Don't worry if you don't recognise some of the titles on our repertoire list, everything we have will be recognisable to most people either from ClassicFm, or TV film or adverts. This is often best suited to grand or historical venues, but can enhance hotels too. If you are getting married in a church, they really create a sense of grandeur, but allow your guests to keep chatting.

We will then play your chosen music for the entrance of the Bride and Bridal party. Our extensive experience allows us to time the music perfectly to your arrival at the front of the room, so that you can enjoy every second of your walk down the aisle. We're proud to say we've played in most of the wedding venues in Bristol and Bath, and many in Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. In a church service it is optional to use the organ for the entrance and exit of the Bride.

Entrance Music

  • Wagner - Wedding March
  • Pachelbel - Canon in D
  • Handel - Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
  • Clarke - Trumpet Voluntary
  • Purcell - Trumpet Tune
  • The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

Some Brides have had their dream music in mind since their childhood, others don't know where to start - it doesn't matter where on this spectrum you think you are - we will help you find the perfect music. Some of the choices are traditional (Wagner - Wedding March, or Handel's Arrival of the Queen of Sheba), but you are free to choose anything you would like. Finding the right music to match the venue and dress can be as important to some people as finding the right cake (some have said groom!). The most popular choices are Pachelbel's Canon in D, and the Wagner, but here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Signing of the Registers

  • Bach - Air on a G String
  • Elgar - Salut D'Amour, Chanson De Matin
  • Massenet - Meditation
  • Desree - Kissing You

At this point in the service, you want something not too intrusive. You will be taken aside to sign the registers, whether it is a civil or church service. There will then be photographs and getting ready. We always try to find the right balance between entertaining your guests and playing music which remains in the background so that everybody feels happy to talk amongst themselves. Some couples use this as an opportunity to really customise the music to suit their own style - perhaps chosing pieces which will be special to them and their guests.

Exit Music

  • Mendelssogn - Wedding March
  • The Beatles - All You Need Is Love
  • Madness - It Must Be Love
  • Vivaldi - Spring from The Four Seasons

As you exit your guests will be encouraged to applaud your exit, so it's important you pick something that will immediate be recognised, or grab their attention. Something grand and loud is usual here. You can pick something traditional, or something more fun - it depends on what mood you want to carry on into the drinks reception.