Have you got a track that needs strings, but don't want to hire a studio, technician and contract musicians?

Do you have an album or film with a few string cues which need some real strings to give them depth?

In that case, you need The Ardeton Team...!

Getting the perfect sound needs exceptional musicians, a great ear, and a fantastic attention to detail. As a quartet we have been playing together for over 20 years, and in addition to having a great, unfiform sound as a group, we are all highly experienced session musicians. Whether you have very simple midi-produced parts or scores which have detailed instructions and special techniques, we can provide polished recordings with a very quick turnaround. We are our own harshest critics, and we do not sign off on any recordings we know we could have given more to.

From local musicians to worldwide composers, we have worked remotely on many projects in addition to our work in the studio. If you have a finished score and guide track, once we have been sent all of the necessary files we can turn around finished recordings usually within 72 hours if it is only a track or two, and usually within a week for multiple tracks. If you need string parts writing, or scoring from an audio file, this will take longer.

All of our recordings are made using either a single mono mic, or stereo pair if you'd prefer. Whilst most tracks are produced as single-instrument files made in the dry acoustic of our acoustically treated music studio, we can easily accomodate any special requests you have. Sessions are put together in ProTools, and can be sent as a session, or individual files in almost any format complete with a reference track to help you master your final recording.

Although we tailor a quote to each bespoke project, as a basic guide, the average price for a single track with a solo instrument starts at £100, a duo £150, and a quartet £210. Multiple tracks are then worked out based on the extra time needed within a session to record each part.

Some examples of our work can be seen below, but please use the contact form with any enquiries.