The information below should answer many of the most common questions, or you will likely find it on another page. If you have any questions not answered on these pages, please feel free to email us at

Are you music students?

No. We are all former students of leading UK music colleges, and have graduated within the last few years with Post Graduate qualifications. We are now all professional freelance musicians.

How long has the Ardeton Quartet been playing?

The Ardeton Quartet has been working since 2001, providing entertainment for weddings and corporate functions - we have a wide experience of every aspect of providing musical entertainment.

How can I check if you are available for my event?

Our diary is constantly being updated because we hold both provisional and confirmed bookings. Because of this we do not publish it online. To check whether your date is free, please contact us by one of the methods above.

I can't find your fees online, how much do you charge?

We don't publish our fees online because every individual booking has different requirements. This allows us to offer you the best quote for your event when you contact us directly.

If I enquire, is my day held for me?

No. When you enquire we make a note in our diary of your details. However, this does not reserve that date for you. When we receive another enquiry for that date we will often try to let you know, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this as we receive well in excess of 100 enquiries a year.

How do I confirm a booking?

When you contact us to make a booking we make a note of your date as a provisional booking while you decide exactly what your requirements will be. As soon as you know this we can confirm the fee, and you will receive a letter confirming all the details. We will then issue a contract six months prior to your event.

How far in advance can I book you?

Details such as timings and other requirements can change in the run-up to events, and we do not want to limit you to your original decisions. For that reason we confirm the details of your event with you when you choose to book the quartet, but issue you with a contract about 6 months before the date of the event. We find that this way, there is often time for you to alter your requirements if need be.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No. Payment is made in full by cheque either via a pre-arranged person on the day, or for convenience with a post-dated cheque sent in advance.

What information do you need about my day?

When we issue you a contract we will also send you a 'Wedding Information Form'. This asks for all the information we usually need. You can send it back to us by post, or you can fill it in online via our website.

When do you need to know my choices of music for my wedding?

If your selection of pieces is on our repertoire list, please inform us two weeks beforehand. If you would like music arranging specially for your day which isn't on our list, we will need to know before issuing a contract, as we charge a small extra fee for this service. With sufficient notice, we can arrange most additional choices.

What will you need on the day?

We will need four armless chairs. If we are to play outside please ensure there is adequate shade. We will need somewhere to store our cases and bags whilst we are playing, and basic refreshments.

How will you know where to set up?

It is very helpful for us if someone at the venue has been informed of your requirements for this. If you let us know who this will be, they will be able to direct us to your chosen location. Better still, let us know on your Wedding Information Form.

Will you play outside?

The Ardeton String Quartet are very happy to play outside. Please remember, however, that unlike many groups we won't use cheap 'stand-in' instruments, ensuring you get the highest quality performance. This means that in order to protect our 200 year-old instruments we will need shade from the sun. If it is hot, we will also need to take a few extra breaks along the way. If it is windy there will be longer gaps between pieces whilst we rearrange our music (and in strong winds will need to sit somewhere sheltered to stop it blowing away!). Outside of the summer, we can only guarantee to play outside in suitable temperatures - neither the instruments or our fingers will work if it's below about 12 degrees centigrade (as a guide, if your guests are feeling the cold, we will too), and will need to move inside at the first drops of rain as any water will severely damage the instruments.

Ultimately we reserve the right not to play outdoors, but will always do what is best in order to ensure both you and your guests get the best performance possible.

What do you do if one of your members is ill on the day?

Thankfully this very rarely happens. However for your reassurance, we have a pool of deputy players who are able to stand in if required. Our deputies all have a history of performing with the Ardeton Quartet, and are all very talented musicians - ensuring the rare absence of any one of our players will not affect the standard of performance for your day.

Can I hear you play?

Yes. There are audio clips available on this website, or additionally we can send you a copy of our demo CD which has a sample of pieces from our repertoire. Again, please advise us of your address and we will be happy to send one to you. Unfortunately it is not normally possible for you to come and see us play at weddings and functions.

If you have any further questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us at any time by any of the methods listed on the site.