The membersSession Strings Bristol of the Ardeton Ensemble are experienced session musicians with excellent reading abilities. They have appeared on BBC's One, Two and Four, independent films, film soundtracks and record releases. What's more, if you're recording on a budget and don't have your string music arranged, session cellist Dury Loveridge is an experienced composer and string arranger who is happy to help you create the perfect sound. If you want backing strings for your gig, festival or television show, please contact the Ardeton Ensemble.

We have recently worked with the Frost Factory in Manchester, and recorded a session with Edwin Miles at Peter Gabriel's 'Real World Studios'. You can see the entire session on the Frost Factory site. Alternatively, we've put one of the videos below:

The Ardeton Ensemble have also worked recently with the Highlife Companion, a Bristol-based indie outfit, recording multi-layered violin and cello parts in a home studio (much cheaper than a session orchestra!).